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"The Mic" at Nola's Rock Bar

"The Mic" is our open mic at Nola's Rock Bar in Downtown Urbana!  Every Thursday night at 8:30pm we will be on the back patio slinging jokes (show will be moved inside when it rains)

Can I just stroll in and watch?

Absolutely.  No need to reserve or buy tickets.  There is NO cover charge to attend the show. Just grab a drink and pull up a seat.  

Can I sign up and go on stage?

Sure can.  There is no experience required to get up on stage.  From long time traveling performers to first timers, the mic is open to everyone.  (Please read the performer rules below before signing up!) 

Are the shows inside or outside?

From late April until late October, the shows will be held on the back patio.  Once it gets cold (or it rains) the shows will be held inside the bar.

What are the drink specials?

$4.00 20oz Long Island's

NOLA's Rock Bar
119 W. Main Street
Downtown Urbana
Every Thursday
Show 8:30pm
Restrictions: Ages 19+

NOLA's Rock Bar

A relaxed, New Orleans-style Rock Bar in the heart of downtown Urbana

Address: 119 West Main, Urbana

PARKING: Street parking is available as well as the bank lot across the street.

NOLA's Rock Bar on Facebook





1.  All sign ups are done in advance.  E-mail for stage time.  

2. Arrive 10-15 minutes before the show. If you are not there, your spot will be given to someone on the wait list.

3. You can not pick your spot. The list is made at random.

4. While this is an "R" rated show - - racist, homophobic, shock humor, political rants, etc. are not allowed.  We are all adults, we know what this means.

5. This is a STAND UP comedy show.  No sketches or improv.

6. Do not disrespect the venue or the audience.  

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