Open Mic at Clark Bar

Due to Covid-19, all Open Mics have been cancelled until further notice.  We will post updates here and on our Facebook page when state guidelines allow us to return!

- No shows currently scheduled due to Covid-19 restrictions

1. Sign ups are done IN ADVANCE via e-mail (

2. Show up by 8:50pm to claim you spot.  If you are not there for the pre-show meeting you may lose your spot.

3. Set times are 5 minutes or under (unless told otherwise).  Please plan accordingly.

4. The order is made at random shortly before the show. You can not pick your spot.

5. Due to some issues with prior performers, we have some minor content restrictions.  It is still an R Rated show. However, over-the-top offensive and graphically-explicit material is not allowed.  (We are all adults, you should know what this means.)

6. This is a stand up comedy show.  NO sketches or improv routines.

7. Unless approved ahead of time, do NOT bring audience members on stage with you.

8. All material must be original.  If you do stolen material or "street jokes" you read on the internet, you will NOT be allowed back on stage.

9. If you talk loudly or heckle during another performer's set, you will not be allowed on stage again.  Zero tolerance policy.

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