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The Open Mic


Canopy Club - Urbana

Mon. Mar 27, 2023

venue 600 - small.jpg

Venue 600

Headliner: Kevin McCaffrey

Thomasboro, IL

Fri. Mar 31, 2023

Halftone Crowd

C-U Comedy Mini-Documentary

Camp Nostalgic Studios followed C-U Comedy around for the better part of 2 months filming a documentary about the comedy world here in Champaign-Urbana.  Check it out!

Halftone Crowd

Best of 2020 Winners!

C-U Comedy was voted BEST OF by Buzz Magazine's 2020 awards:
• Best Date Night Activity
• Best Personality
• Best Comedy Venue (Alto Vineyards)

Book C-U Comedy for YOUR event!

Corporate shows, private events, holiday parties, or your venues very own comedy night!  C-U Comedy is mobile and accepting bookings
>>Click here for more information

C-U Comedy T-Shirts

C-U Comedy "Tiki Mic" t-shirts are available at all live shows!  If you want to order online, contact with your size and he will hook you up!
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